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American Whites waiting to be judged


American Blue & White Rabbit info page

American Chinchilla Rabbit info page

Angora Harlequin pictures (Posted:3-25-07)

Astrex Rabbit Info Updated Nov 4 2007

Blanc de Hotot Rabbit Info Page Posted 09-12-08

Brazilian Rabbit Info Page Posted 03-06-08

Continental Giant Info Page Updated Feb 13 2008


Rare Breed Rabbit List - USA *updated July 19, 2014

Rare Breed Rabbit Article by Tina Schrier

Rare Breed Rabbit Groups on Yahoo!


American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)
90th National Convention/Rabbit Show
Oct 19-23, 2013 Harrisburg, PA

Europa Show Info & Crib Sheet
European International Animal Show
Nov 20-22, 2009 Nittra, Slovakia (updated Apr 20 2008)

State Convention Shows
A List of State Rabbit Club Shows (Updated Jan 3 2011)

National Rabbit Breed Specialty Shows
A List of National Rabbit Breed Club Shows (Updated Jan 2 2011)

National Rabbit Club Slogans
A List of National Rabbit Club Slogans (Updated Nov 3, 2007)

Photo Courtesy Tracy's Lovely Angoras,
Tracy's Lovely Angoras website is offline as of June 2009
and we are no longer raising rabbits.


North America rabbit website Links Updated Aug 1 2010

World Rabbit Links-

Rabbit Geek's List of Yahoo Groups
Links to over 100 yahoogroups

Rabbit Supplier Links - Updated Mar 28, 2008

Links to the other side of the rabbitgeek - Miscellaneous Subjects Updated Jun 27, 2008

Zoe and the kids. French Lops. Photo by Boofurs Bunnys

Files For Downloading
Most Popular Rabbit Breed List 2010 (June 5, 2010)
Fingerweaving Tutorial, Diagonal Stripe (Feb 12, 2010)
Weaving On A Cardboard Loom (Sep 7 2008)
American Chinchilla Wideband (Aug 26 2008)
American Chinchilla Color Genetics (Aug 26 2008)
Working Standard for Broken Satin Angora (Jan 5, 2008)
2007 Angora Survey Data (Oct 21 2007)
Wooden_Grooming_Table.pdf (Mar 31 2007)
2006 American Survey Data (Dec 20 2006)
2006 Angora Survey Data (Dec 10 2006)
ARBA Registration and Convention Entries
Europa Show Crib Sheet (Oct 22 2006)


Meat Pen Raising Notes Updated Jun 2 2007

Tattoo Notes Updated Mar 24 2010

Angora Adventure - Spinning, Grooming, Blowing

Rabbit Colony Keeping / Keep Them Purebred
by Valerie Leonard (posted 12-03-07)

Breeding by the Seasons By Ray Stacy (Posted:4-25-07)

Heat Stroke - The Silent Killer By Wanda Twellman (Posted:4-24-07)

Emergency Preparedness - Fire By Wanda Twellman (Posted:4-23-07)

Convention Checklist - What to Pack By Ray Stacy (Posted:4-22-07)

How to Split a Bale of Hay (Posted:4-22-07)

Importing Rabbits (USA) - What To Know By Bob Whitman (Posted:3-16-07)

Breeding Tips - Jan 6, 2006

Feed Notes - Dec 18, 2005

Pam Alley's Bottlefeeding Baby Rabbits (Posted Nov 1 2007)

Cage Cleaning Tips - Dec 17, 2005

Outdoor Housing For Rabbits May 2005

In Praise of Electric Fence Wire

Water Cooler To The Rescue (Feb 17, 07)


Cheap Cardboard Charka
How I built a spinning wheel out of cardboard (Updated August 12, 2007)

Angora Rabbit Groups on Yahoo! Updated 05-31-07

Reeves Saxony Spinning Wheel Last update Nov 1 2009

Erica Rigid Heddle Loom Oct 4 2008

Fiber Related Links - Spin, Knit, Weave

(Chocolate Bunny photo by Catherine Amundsen of Da Wabbit Wanch)

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