Blanc de Hotot Rabbits Information
(updated June 4 2010)

The National Club for this rabbit breed is
Hotot Rabbit Breeders International

Their web site address is


Saw some pictures of Blanc de Hotot rabbits posted on a yahoo group by Dave Loucks, Crystal Creek Rabbitry. He graciously allowed me to use them on the site. (Photo: 6 week old kits, average 3 lbs each)

(Photo: A rabbit with good ears and head)

Look at the eyes on these guys! (Photo: Closeup of 2 kits)

Click here to visit Crystal Creek Rabbitry website

Join the Hotot Rabbit Breeders Int'l Yahoo!Group, a mailing list
focusing on Blanc De Hotot rabbits!

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Click to join Hotot Rabbit Breeders Int'l

Get the Book! "Domestic Rabbits & Their Histories:Breeds of the World"
By Bob Whitman at Rare Bits & Pieces.

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Learn about The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
This rabbit is rated: THREATENED

Blanc de Hotot are included in Slow Food USA project,
look under Ark of Taste, Meat & Poultry

Learn about American Rabbit Breeders Association

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