Last Update: Oct 1 2012

(Oct 1 2012) Europa Show is an international animal show sanctioned by the European Association of Poultry, Pigeon, Bird, Rabbit and Cavy Breeders (EE). The show is held every three years. The next show will be in Liepzig, Germany 27th EE European Show at Leipzig on Dec 7-9 2012

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(Oct 22 2006) Judy Le Marchant of England has provided a document file that will be useful to persons searching non-english language sites for rabbit info.

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This is a file she created to read European breed standards and catalogs. It does not contain all UK or USA breeds, variety and colors. The crib sheet contains translated words for United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, and USA.

Judy tells me the color genetics come from the Netherlands standard, where they genotype their breeds so it should be reliable.

Judy tells me this is a work in progress, so any contributions along these lines can be sent to Judy. But she is not going to expand the list to include Hungarian, Italian, etc. Start your own crib sheet. Thank you Judy!

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