American Blue & White Rabbit - Established As A Classic

National Rabbit Breed Specialty Club Slogans

Last update Nov 3, 2007

Rabbit Club Slogans:

American: Established As A Classic

American Fuzzy Lop: The Head of the Fancy
(More points on head and ears than any other breed)

American Sable: No Slogan?

Angora, English:The Bunny With A Bonus (all angoras)
Angora, French:The Bunny With A Bonus (all angoras)
Angora, Giant:The Bunny With A Bonus (all angoras)
Angora, Satin:The Bunny With A Bonus (all angoras)

Belgian Hare:THE King of the Fancy

Beveren: The Breed of Distinction

Britannia Petite: The Elite of the Fancy

Californian:The East Coast To West Californians Are The Best!

Champagne de Argent:The Silver Beauty

American Chinchilla: Ring A Winner

Giant Chinchilla: The Million Dollar Rabbit

Standard Chinchilla: The Original Chinchilla

Checkered Giant:The Rabbit Beautiful

Cinnamon: The Spice Of Rabbits

Creme de Argent: The Cream of the Crop

Dutch: You Can't Beat The Dutch

Dwarf Hotot: The Eye Of The Fancy

English Spot: The Spotted Beauty

Flemish Giant:The Universal Breed

Florida White:The Little White Rabbit That Fills So Many Needs

Harlequin: The Royal Jester

Havana:The Mink Of The Rabbit Family

Himalayan: Majestic Beauty of the Ages

Blanc d'hotot: Rabbit For International Unity

Jersey Wooly: The Fluff of the Fancy

Lilac: No Slogan?

English Lop: King Of The Fancy
French Lop: King Of The Fancy

Holland Lop: The Hallmark Breed

Mini Lop: The Monarch Of The Fancy

Netherland Dwarf: The Gem of the Fancy

New Zealand: The Breed In The Lead

Palomino: Be A Pal To The Pals

Polish: The Little Aristocrat

Rex: King of Rabbits

Mini Rex: Heir to the Throne

Rhinelander: Calico of the Fancy

Satin:Rabbits of Beauty and Distinction

Mini Satin: No Slogan Yet!

Silver: The Sterling Breed

Silver Fox: One of a kind since 1929

Silver Marten: No Slogan?

Tan: The Aristocrat of the Fancy

Thrianta: The Fire of the Fancy

From the country of NEW ZEALAND
Enderby Island: A Piece Of Living History

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